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Smoked Scottish Salmon

Smoked Scottish Salmon

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Our hand trimmed, presliced Smoked Atlantic Salmon comes from one of the few smokehouses left in the world that still smokes salmon in a traditional open fire smokehouse. This very unique smoking method produces a delicate and clean flavor that cannot be replicated in modern electric smoking kilns. Although this is a costly and time consuming technique, you will surely appreciate the difference. 

Only the finest fresh Atlantic salmon is selected, which is then hand cured with a blend of pure sea salt and brown sugar. The salmon is then smoked in small batches using oak shavings from age old whisky barrels imported from the highlands of Scotland. Once the salmon has been smoked it is fully trimmed by hand, sliced and vacuum packed fresh for your enjoyment. 

Smoked Salmon is high in Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential to good health. It has been shown that increasing Omega-3 in the diet can help lower cholesterol levels. 

Additionally, our Smoked Salmon is fully Kosher certified and contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients whatsoever.
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