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Sevruga Caviar

Sevruga Caviar

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Russian Sevruga consists of smaller roe than that of the other two main caviar varieties. However, what it lacks in size, the Sevruga more than makes up with an intense flavor. Sevruga caviar, acipenser stellatus, is saltier and richer in taste, which is why it is often referred to as the Strong Sturgeon.

The relatively affordable price is reflective of the fact that the Sevruga sturgeon is rather common, it is not rare like the Beluga. This sturgeon is also particularly quick to reproduce, developing viable eggs as early as seven years of age. Noted as the smallest of the Caspian Sea sturgeons, Sevruga rarely weighs over 25 kilograms.

Caviar fishlings are carefully selected from different regions of the Caspian Sea and relocated to aquaculture farms. Once relocated, the fishlings are raised and nurtured using sustainable methods for several years, until they are mature enough to produce viable roe. The roe is then processed and salted using traditional Russian methods, which gives them their distinguishing unique taste. 

The texture of our Russian Sevruga consists of mid-toned gray roe that is robust with flavor. It is also notable for its rather crunchy texture and deep flavors of salt and butter. The other main varieties of Iranian and Russian caviar are more delicate and smooth in comparison. Compared to the Iranian Sevruga, our Russian Sevruga is slightly less salt-infused in flavor and consists of a brighter roe.

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