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Ossetra Caviar

Ossetra Caviar

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Considered the most flavorful and elite caviar by critics, Ossetra, often spelled Osetra or Asetra, is one of the most desired types of caviar in the world. It can look, smell, and taste a little different each time you try it due to abundant varieties - see below. Generally nutty and buttery in taste, the savory roe ranges in color from deep black to light gold and almost white. The texture of Ossetra caviar tends to be a bit firmer than other types of caviar, yet still delicate.

The Ossetra sturgeon fish is found mainly in the Caspian Sea, from which fishlings are carefully selected and relocated to aquaculture farms. Once relocated, the fishlings are raised and nurtured using sustainable methods for several years, until they are mature enough to produce viable roe. The roe is then processed and salted using traditional Russian methods.

The sturgeon reaches maturity at around age 15, but can live up to eighty years. Although they are generally smaller than Beluga sturgeon, Ossetra sturgeon can weigh anywhere between 50-400 pounds. Experts conclude that the variations in taste occur because the Ossetra is a bottom-feeder; thus, its eggs acquire the flavor of what the fish eats, which may vary based on time of year, weather, and other environmental factors.

Our Russian Ossetra features a sizeable roe which is slightly darker than the Iranian Ossetra with a pewter-gray color. With a nutty, light salt flavor, the Russian Ossetra rolls smoothly over the tongue as it is buttery in taste and texture.

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