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Karaburun Ossetra Caviar

Karaburun Ossetra Caviar

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Karaburun Caviar is a variety of Iranian Ossetra Caviar which boasts a nutty, creamy roe. The flavor can only be described as a perfect balance of salt and butter undertones. The texture is silky yet separate eggs hold together well in a mass.

Karaburun refers to the particular sturgeon (acipenser persicus) which is native to the southern Caspian Sea, whose fishlings are brought to aquaculture farms. Once relocated, the fishlings are raised and nurtured using sustainable methods for several years, until they are mature enough to produce viable roe. The roe is then processed and salted using traditional Iranian methods, which gives them their distinguishing unique taste. 

Once the sturgeon have matured, they are delicately harvested by the same fisheries using humane and controlled methods. As a result, Karaburun Caviar has become one of the most sought after caviars in the world as it is truly the only proper Beluga substitute.

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