Tin Sizing Guide

  • 2oz. Tin: Accommodates 1-2 people as an appetizer
  • 4.5oz. Tin: Accommodates 2-4 people as an appetizer
  • 9oz. Tin: Accommodates 4-9 people as an appetizer
  • 1/2kg. Tin: Accommodates 9-15 people as an appetizer
  • 1kg. Tin: Accommodates 15-25 people as an appetizer


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Order Caviar Of the Month

Product Description

Delight in the pleasures of caviar beyond the holiday season with our caviar of the month club. Each month, the recipient will enjoy a 2oz. tin of caviar along with a package of blinis (16 in a pack). The first month will also include one mother-of-pearl serving spoon and our informational booklet on how to properly store, serve, and eat caviar, making this ongoing gift perfect for caviar novices as well as connoisseurs.

All prices include shipping/handling, and any applicable taxes. Packages will be shipped at the beginning of every month, or when convenient for the recipient. Caviar Express will send a courtesy email each month to the recipient to insure that the recipient will be able to receive the caviar on the shipping date. The purchaser will be charged $205.00 each month for the number of months chosen. Please be sure to update us as to any address changes or special shipping instructions.

Product Details

3, 6 or 12 Months of Caviar for Those That Just Cant Get Enough.

Three Months of Caviar
  • First Month Russian Sevruga Caviar
  • Second Month California White Sturgeon Caviar
  • Third Month Russian Ossetra Caviar

Six Months of Caviar
  • Fourth Month Siberian Sturgeon Caviar
  • Fifth Month Iranian Sevruga Caviar
  • Sixth Month American Paddlefish Caviar

Twelve Months of Caviar
  • Seventh Month Iranian Ossetra Caviar
  • Eighth Month Russian Imperial Ossetra Caviar
  • Ninth Month Iranian Karaburun Ossetra Caviar
  • Tenth Month American Salmon Caviar
  • Eleventh and Twelfth Months: Recipient's choice

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