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Imperial Ossetra Caviar

Imperial Ossetra Caviar

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Imperial Ossetra caviar is amongst the rarest of all caviar. Imperial Ossetra caviar, often spelled Osetra or Asetra, comes from the Baku processed Ossetra sturgeon, acipenser persicus, weighing anywhere between 50-400 pounds and living up to eighty years. Hand selected when the sturgeon is at its prime, Imperial caviar consists of an exceptionally large roe with earthy-nut flavors and a silky texture that was traditionally reserved for royalty. The color of the roe ranges from a warm brown to a pewter gray, depending on the individual sturgeons diet. Only five-to-ten percent of all Russian Ossetra is given the title Imperial.

Caviar fishlings are carefully selected from different regions of the Caspian Sea and relocated to aquaculture farms. Once relocated, the fishlings are raised and nurtured using sustainable methods for several years, until they are mature enough to produce viable roe. The roe is then processed and salted using traditional Russian methods, which gives them their distinguishing unique taste.

Long considered the connoisseurs caviar, the Imperial Ossetra caviar has always been, and continues to be, the definitive caviar of choice for those wanting nothing but the finest.

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