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  • 2oz. Tin: Accommodates 1-2 people as an appetizer
  • 4.5oz. Tin: Accommodates 2-4 people as an appetizer
  • 9oz. Tin: Accommodates 4-9 people as an appetizer
  • 1/2kg. Tin: Accommodates 9-15 people as an appetizer
  • 1kg. Tin: Accommodates 15-25 people as an appetizer


Organic Caviar


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Organic Caviar

Product Description

Organic Caviar, our newest variety of farmed caviar, offers purity and unparalleled quality all while helping to preserve the world's dwindling sturgeon population. Our Organic Caviar comes from White Sturgeon (Transmontanus) which are allowed to be raised in an eco-friendly natural environment, reducing stress on the sturgeon, and allowing for an organic roe that is truly preservative free.

What makes Organic Caviar organic? Although Russian Grade and Iranian Grade Caviar originate from fishlings from the Caspian Sea and raised in aquaculture farms, the traditional process of preparing the roe and transforming it into "caviar" involves the addition of borax. Borax is a mineral compound that is used as a food additive in order to help preserve caviar. Originally, salt was the only additive that was used to flavor and preserve sturgeon roe and to create caviar. However, for several decades borax has been used in Caspian-style caviar production in order to lengthen shelf-life, preserve quality, and to add flavor to caviar.

Our Organic Caviar lacks any borax or other food additives. The only mineral added to the roe after it is harvested from the sturgeon is natural sea-salt. The sea-salt acts as an organic preservative and is instrumental in giving caviar its distinct taste and texture.

Additionally, our Eco-friendly caviar originates from sturgeon that have not been treated with any chlorine, hormones, or other chemicals not naturally occurring in their habitat. The sturgeon are allowed to live in natural water basins that are continuously filtered and monitored in order to provide the sturgeon with optimal water temperatures and near perfect environmental conditions. Organic Caviar is distinct in that most farm-raised caviar originate from sturgeon that are treated with hormones in order to accelerate maturity. By accelerating maturity through hormones, caviar farms are able produce viable caviar much quicker (approximately 6-8 years). However, the addition of hormones forces the sturgeon to develop in an unnatural progression, and ultimately jeopardizes the taste and quality of the caviar it produces.

Our Eco-Friendly Sturgeon are not treated with growth acceleration hormones. The sturgeon are instead allowed to develop naturally (over 11 years) and are hand-selected yearly only when they have naturally reached maturity and are ready to produce viable roe.

The result of this natural process is a mid-to-large size roe that is dark-grey in color and offers a consistency that is incredibly delicate and soft. The roes are notably firm and burst with a light clean flavor of cream with a hint of salt. Compared to California White Sturgeon Caviar, our Organic Caviar is slightly less salty, but with a smoother, more butter-like taste and texture.

In the end, we are proud to be offering a product that both directly helps to preserve the very sturgeon that have created the industry that we are in, all while delivering a level of quality and taste akin to Caspian Sea Caviar from many years ago.

Product Details

Online Special
Free Overnight Shipping. Orders over $500 will receive a 2oz. Tin of Russian Sevruga Caviar, Blinis, Creme Fraiche, and a Caviar Spoon. Orders over $1,000 will also receive a 2oz. Tin of Russian Ossetra Caviar.

Product Highlights
Truly Organic Caviar, 100% Hormone and Preservative free, Mid-tone Grey Roe with a Creamy, Low Salt Flavor. 2oz. Tin suitable for 1 to 2 people.

Online Special
25% Discount off Second Tin

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