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Siberian Caviar

Siberian Caviar

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Siberian Sturgeon is a high quality farm-raised American alternative to caviar sturgeon offspring sourced from the Caspian Sea. Raised in commercial fisheries located in Florida and Italy, Siberian Sturgeon produces a medium sized roe that is dark gray in color. The highlight is the Siberians flavor, which is revered for its soft buttery, lightly salted taste that smoothly melts in your mouth.

Similar in taste and texture to Ossetra caviar, Siberian Sturgeon has quickly become a favorite amongst our customers and employees.

In the wild, this species, acipenser baerii, is found throughout the Siberian region and the regions countless rivers including the Lena, Indirka, Ob, and Irtysh. The Siberian Sturgeon usually matures within 8 years, averaging over 100 pounds in weight and 5 feet in length.
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